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Monday, April 23, 2012

Find Your Joy!!

“You must make time for what’s most important to you.  Ask yourself questions so that you can find places where you can pull back and reset your priorities.  How much television do you watch?  Are you taking time to exercise?  Do you take five minutes to close your eyes, breathe and listen to internal whispers?  It’s often the everyday places, people and things of value that work to keep you connected and balanced.”

I read a book maybe about a year ago that changed my life. My friend Heather O'Neill wrote a wonderful book called Find Your Fire At Forty. (I will be posting a link to her blog on my site). And it really stamped onto my psyche how incredibly important and IMPERATIVE to our well being it is to find, remember and stay connected to the things in life that bring us joy.
As kids we seem to know what that is through our many activities and through play. Through the lessons we excel in in school. But as we've grown older we have gotten bogged down with the weight of the world, with aging and hardship and tragedy. And all too often that becomes the cloak we wear all day long.
We forget about how good writing makes us feel, or how happy a quick trip to the beach to sit by the ocean makes us or to throw on a favorite song and sing with abandon or paint a picture. We forgot to look for our joy. And it's truly amazing what it does to a person when we take the time FOR OURSELVES to look for it. And most likely to simply remember it. Our passions are within us, unfortunately all too often lying dormant.
Yes we find new joys as we all travel on our journey, but many things that bring us pleasure we forget to work into our busy schedules. Take 5 minutes to sit still and breath, or listen to music, or read a book, or type a letter to a friend. And take some time to write down some of the bigger things that bring  you joy that you would like to start and stay involved in. Your hobbies, trips you want to take, friends you want to visit. But find what makes you happy, brings you joy and sparks your passion. We get 1 go around here in our human form but that doesn't mean that we need to let feeding our spirit go by the wayside!

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