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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Notice Your Focus

So I have known for a couple of days what my next post would be about and you gotta love when the universe gives you prodding to do things. I was just shown that it's time to write this post by said Universe although I won't bore you with the story.
2 weeks ago I went to Disney with my family. It was my son's first trip there and my first time back in about 20 years! (the last time I was there Epcot wasn't even built yet!) Had a great time walking through Magic Kingdom the first day, taking a pictures with my brother in places we took pictures when we were kids! Riding through It's A Small World and truly feeling like a carefree kid again, reveling in memories from an easier time in life and of course finally getting to ride my favorite ride again, Space Mountain!! woot woot (funny how it's scarier now than when I was young)
The second day we went to Epcot and visited all the countries which I thought was just amazing. Spent some QT in Japan drinking sake and walking through a banzai garden and had a great time in Germany sampling a beer flight and chowing on the buffet! Road Soarin', walked through a butterfly and fairy garden, ate lots of yummy junk food and rode an adorable Nemo ride.
The next day after 1 ride only at Animal Kingdom my son started throwing up. He got really sick really fast, quickly dispelling my theory that I had given him ice cream and Gatorade too early in the day. We left the park and spent the next 2 days sitting in a room until it was time to head back North. I was so disappointed. This trip was supposed to be magical, full of memory that would stick with me for awhile when I got back home. Yet all I could do was sit in the disappointment of missing the water park, missing Animal Kingdom and my second trip back to Magic Kingdom (one ride on Space Mountain just isn't enough!)
And that's all I could think about. I failed to notice that although it was a shame that had happened, none of the good things got taken away. Until it hit me that it was simply a matter of what I was focusing on. It's not that I had become ungrateful for the trip, or that I hadn't had a great time for 2 days or forgotten that I was lucky that I had even 2 days. It was that I had my focus in the wrong place. Not on everything I just spelled out about my trip above.
Perhaps that's what I should have done right away when I got home, fresh with the memory of sitting in a room for 2 days. Replace that focus with all of the OTHER wonderful things I had gotten to do. I have since changed my focus. I now feel good when I think of my Disney trip. And I now remind myself if I am feeling badly about something to get very clear on what exactly it is I am focusing on!

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