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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Plagarizing from Myself!

Because A I am very tired right now and B I want to get started touching upon a subject that I plan on expanding upon often. And I also want to get a few posts on here before I take the plunge and tell all of my wonderful peeps about my blog. As a side note, I hope I spelled plagarize correctly. I am such a stickler for spelling and grammar and there was no squiggley red line the first time I wrote the word but alas the squiggley has appeared directly above. But I digress... (I digress ALOT)
Anyway, I am cutting and pasting this entry from a discussion forum I run and will write in real time next time :)

I was in the gym this morning taking a spin class. Going along, feeling great, definitely expending energy. When I noticed myself caught on some negative thoughts, stuff that didn't make me feel good. I think it was actually some unpleasant memories. And my back began to hurt and get tight, and my breathing became more labored and I felt more fatigued. I stepped back mentally to view my thoughts and realized that the negative thinking was sapping my energy. So I focused on the positive and the present. The pick me up feeling the song was giving me, how good it felt to exercise and I lifted my eyes up and straightened myself out. It's amazing how we have the power to change our energy just by what we allow ourself to give mindful service to. I am going to aspire to keep it all on the positive as much as possible, I like having alot of energy! (and I need it!lol) :)
(originally posted January 6, in case you were wondering!)

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