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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beauty Can Be Anywhere We See It

So I have this hang up about where I live. I hear people say sometimes "I love where I live." And when I hear that I want to be able to say it too. Those people live at the beach or somewhere beautiful by water. And I want to live by water, it's so peaceful and calming to me. (incidentally I do, but seem to have trouble counting the Passaic River) Or when I go to places like Virginia or where I just vacationed in North Carolina and it's just so beautiful and woodsy I wish that I had that type of outer environment on a daily basis.
Well this morning I was doing some exercises for my LOA certification course and I was looking out my bedroom window, and it was a pretty, rosy, hazy morning to be looking out upon my most favorite city, (I can see NYC from my house) and the beautiful skyline I love, even during the day the city looks beautiful to me... SCREEEEEECH!
Wow, hold on Heather, you are looking out your very OWN bedroom window at something that is aesthetically pleasing to you!!! And into my being settled the thought that I love that I live right outside of the city and have that beautiful view from my home!!
Now am I not going to blow smoke and say all of a sudden I am telling myself that I love where I live, not quite yet. But I am no longer thinking that I can't get there. See, (pun intended), I had told myself that since I don't live by the beach or the in the midst of some stunning nature that where I live is not beautiful. And in the telling myself that I was actually stopping myself from actively looking for the beauty in my everyday space.
It's so important to catch these limiting beliefs that we hold and create within ourselves. Now I want to ask myself what IS beautiful about where I live??
That doesn't mean that I can't still put in my radar a beautiful beach home or a lovely cabin in the woods, but that in my here and now I can look for, find and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. So take a moment today to close your eyes, think about the beauty around where you reside, and then open your eyes and see that beauty!! Have a blessed day!!

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