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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Take A Break to Take Care

I was just outside putting up some Christmas decorations, which even though it was cold I did so with as much joy as I could muster and with gratitude in the wake of Sandy. I know some people are without a home this season to decorate and my prayers and thoughts of well being go out to them. And so I am thankful for the home that I have the opportunity to decorate.
As I finished up hanging up my icicle lights onto my gutter, I remembered a problem that needed fixing. My gutter! It has been clogged for ages and the last time I went to clean them the EW ladder was MIA (that's Eastern Way for those that are unfamiliar with my TV vernacular for where I live).
So I stopped with the lights and begin the task of unclogging my gutter. I was using my hands to remove some of the leaves and MAN was the water in there cold! I finished up the unclogging and climbed down the ladder and my hands were absolutely freezing,. To the point of hurting. And my first thought was let me power through this and just get the job done. And then I paused and actually asked myself WHY would I do that when I was so uncomfortable? Why wouldn't I just run into the house for a couple minutes and run them under warm water and get them feeling better before I finished? So that's what I did. I went in my house and took a couple of minutes to take care of myself so I was back in a better place to go outside again and finish my Christmas lights.
And that gave me a sense of comfort, that I was caring for myself in the way that I should and that when I went to finish the job, I would not be miserable and rushing to get finished. All of that got me to thinking about how many times we push through things without taking a moment to take care of ourselves and why we do that. Do we not value our own well being enough? Do we think we don't deserve to treat ourselves with the same care that we would treat those we love? Do we have to be martyrs and get everything done quickly no matter what the cost to ourselves?
I suppose it comes down to self love and care. And knowing that it's OK and in fact should probably be in the forefront of our minds to pause and take time for ourselves when we need to. Our chores and paperwork and cooking and cleaning will still be there to do when we are done. My hope is that going forward we all take the moments we need for ourselves to recharge, regroup and lovingly care for ourselves! With love and light to all! xo


  1. That’s a great thought! It is good to know that you took care of yourself! Your health is far more important than anything else. And do not fret about your clogged gutter. I’m sure that you can call on some assistance to help you with this problem. You can mind them once you are well and able.

    ~Lilia Marchi