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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take a Fresh Look

It was brought to my attention the other day that the tattered American flag outside of my house looked like it was part of my Halloween decorations. YIKES! Not the way I want to represent what I feel like my country's flag stands for to me. So I of course took it down with plans to purchase a new one. And upon telling the story to my brother and sis in law I was reminded that we also had a previous conversation about the poor condition of said flag (as apparently someone else had even mentioned it to me before) and that my SIL has a brand new one to give me. At the time I laughed at my poor memory of the topic and moved on to something else.
But as I just walked into my house passing where my faded flag had flown, it occurred to me to examine the fact that the condition of something right in front of my face that I look at daily had failed to grab my attention. And I think 2 different points can be made about this. That sometimes it's a good thing to look at our situations with fresh eyes, from a new perspective. Perhaps look at things we see every day and think about other ways to view them, to see if opportunities for growth are being presented.
Alas we live our lives from the perspective of our experiences. And we cannot know what someone else's perceptions are as they apply to their experiences but we can exercise broadening our own viewpoints, perspectives and experiences.
The second point that can be made is to take in things we see everyday that may be abundant and beautiful and in tact but that we take little or no notice of. "Taking things for granted" as it were. What experiences might be missed out on by taking these things for granted? I will use the example of the front of my house again. (even if only to redeem my dilapidated flag choice) The flowers I planted this spring are still standing there in all of their glorious, vibrant color. Flowers make me happy. And yet I walk by nature's brilliance EVERY day and fail to let a moment of that beauty into my soul.
What areas of your life can you take new notice of? To either grow from or to take full advantage of the love and beauty that already surrounds you??
Have a blessed day!

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