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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Keep Moving Forward

Today I woke up feeling groggy. It was a gray morning and I knew I felt kind of blah but I still did my morning gratitude ritual, listing in my head the things I am most grateful for and giving thanks for them. But as I got about my morning getting my son ready for school, trying to REPEATEDLY get him to finish his breakfast and then find him different shoes because they ones he had on were too tight and then try and find a stuffed animal for him to bring to school against a barrage of "I hate Show & Tell" and why couldn't he just go first and he doesn't want to go and , well you get the picture.
And I dropped my son off at school and was just feeling cranky. Since I have had a cold the last week and a half I have not exercised. I know what not exercising does to my mental state. So although I was still not feeling 100% I grabbed my iPod (and truth be told the fact that I would be able to listen to Mumford & Sons new album was really my entire motivation cause I did not feel like doing ANYTHING) and just went for a walk. That usually makes me feel better so I just did it.
And when I got home my iPod would not shut off. Try as I may nothing worked. (and did I mention my computer kept freezing??) Enter the point where you start letting things really get to you. So I took some deep breaths and moved as far away from that mood as I could. Ignored it if you would.
I got an email from a very dear friend of mine who has been going through a tough time lately and has CONTINUED to get back on the horse. I am so proud of her and it just reinforced the way I had been feeling, that you keep on truckin' on (yes of course that's a Grateful Dead reference), even when you're not really feeling it. So I KEPT on trying to reboot my iPod and you know what, it finally turned off. Whooo hoo. And I felt better. Small examples I know, hard to do sometimes when the going gets tough, but it can be done. It is possible to keep moving away from a downward spiral. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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