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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Importance of Joy

There is something that I have been coming to realize lately more and more often. How VERY VERY important it is to feel joy in our lives. Often. Everyday. Many times a day. Heck really we should strive for joy 100% of the time! Now I can just hear the grumbles in response to that comment. Grumblegrumble that's not realistic, life is too stressful, joy is for children grumblegrumblegrumble. STOP IT!! (as a video from Bob Newhart says that my wonderful friend Annemarie had me watch.)
Joy is for EVERYONE! Joy is there for us all the time. We must be vigilant about experiencing it. If you read any Abraham-Hicks you will be familiar with the concept of well-being and that it is constantly flowing to us. It is up to us whether we are doing things to keep us riding on that well being train or not.
I think the first, most important step is to identify the things that bring us joy and make us feel good. I am not saying that we should go through our days ignoring any bad feelings or pretending they aren't there. Because where we are at any given time is where we are. And if we stop for a moment and feel what may be an uncomfortable feeling it usually passes. All states are transient. And then it is within our control to figure out what we want to think about next, how we want to feel next. Perhaps a good choice would be to think about our joy. What are our sources of joy? Do you enjoy reading, exercising, listening to soft music, singing, skiing, drawing, swimming, laughing with a friend, watching your most favorite show, knitting, hiking, meditating...whatever it is, what do you enjoy doing that brings you joy?
This will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me but there's a band called Pearl Jam that brings me joy. :) Sometimes just playing a quick song will get me into a better frame of mind. Sometimes just taking a walk outside and looking at the beautiful blue sky with the sun shining on my face gets me in touch with all the joy in my heart's center. What about you? This question is one of the utmost importance to know the answer to. To deprive ourselves of the things that bring us joy is to not love ourselves. And we ALL deserve self love. We ALL are enough, and well all deserve to be flowing in the right direction on the river of well being instead of swimming upstream.
So make a list, explore, raise your awareness regarding adding moments of joy to your day, always remembering that what we focus on expands. Watch how much more you can touch others (especially children!) when you operate from joy.
With grand wishes for a joy filled day today and always!


  1. Great post Heather. Glad I found you blog on your FB Page. Look forward to reading more of your posts.