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Friday, February 15, 2013

What's The Meaning?

I began a new meditation course this morning. It's a series Craig Hamilton put out and I was very excited to get started with it. I am a HUGE proponent of meditation. It has changed my life for the better in many ways and I have had a steady practice for awhile now. I believe sometimes people shy away from meditation because they feel they have to entirely clear their mind of thought which is A not really possible and B not really the point. The point is to not give too much focus to the thoughts that may arise. To allow them to come in as they are but then to gently release them and just be. I will not go further into mediation in this blog as it's not really my intention at this time but if anyone in interested in discussing it further please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

In this morning's meditation the instructions were to just allow everything to be exactly as it was. Not to give meaning to it. And MAN was it difficult at times. Right as I began the mediation my heat went on. I usually don't meditate in my office but I needed my computer and the noise of my forced steam heat coming through that radiator was extremely annoying. And as I thought that I caught myself. I just let it be what it was. It was not easy, but I stopped myself anytime I wanted to give any meaning to that sound, that it was too loud, that it annoyed me, that the sound was completely grating on my nerves, that I wondered when it would stop - you get the picture. I just simply (OK that's an expression because it wasn't that simple!) stopped giving that sound any meaning. I just let it be what it was.

And I am thinking that today I want to put that into practice. I want to really pay attention to the meaning I give to things. Because really everything that we take into our being and then how it makes us feel is all subject to our perception and the meaning we give to it. So many false beliefs can be started just by the meaning we assign to the things that happen to us. I am not suggesting that we ignore the things that go on in our lives that might make us feel bad, or that we don't allow ourselves to experience something we need to feel, but I am suggesting raising our awareness of the meaning we give to the events in our lives. Are you willing to check in with yourself today and notice the meaning you are assigning to what's happening? Is the meaning serving or sabotaging you? Can you change the meaning or simply give something not incidental no meaning at all?

Whatever goes on in your world today may it be tinged with joy!

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  1. I am very impressed with your desire to take on a conscious and purposeful life. It is an amazing quality. I need to meditate more myself. I used to all the time, now my meditation is more active. I'll go to shul on Saturdays and just listen the the congregation pray. It all becomes a beautiful background noise, and I often find myself shifting into an altered state of consciousness. I find the same thing happens when I run. The patting of my feet, the background noises of nature and suburbia stop being distractions and end up as tools to raise my consciousness or quiet my mind.

  2. Thanks Corey. I do love to run and do things as well that put in a meditative state and that make me feel very present. Thanks for sharing what works for you!! What I love most about meditation is that is has helped me to become the observer of my thoughts, rather than being led around by them. It's very freeing and leads to a much less reactive life!

    1. That is a major step to leading a purposeful life. A goal I strive for as well. Some days are better than others.

    2. Yeah it's definitely a process! :)