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Friday, May 10, 2013

How Do You Recharge Your Battery?

The other day I walked over to my portable phone base to put the phone back in it when it needed to be charged. And it got me thinking about that whole concept of recharging. I bet if I asked you right now to write down the top 5 things you do to recharge your own battery you would struggle a bit. Perhaps the first thing that would come to your mind would be sleep. Sleep is our everyday occurrence of recharging our minds and bodies and is a necessity, but what do you do while you are awake to re-energize? What do you consciously choose to do in your daily routine to replenish YOU?

Ah there's the rub you say. You just don't have time to take out of your busy schedule to worry about recharging your own battery, right? But think about the "things" you recharge everyday; phones, iPads, cameras, whatever it may be, you recharge material objects so that they work at an optimum level for you. So why do your body, mind and spirit come in as "less than" for you in relation to some of these material things that need a break from working?

We all need a break. We all need to love ourselves and know that taking some time for ourselves EVERYDAY to renew our vim and vigor only serves to help us to operate as our very best selves. Think about how it feels at the end of the day when you have gone non stop all day and you are drained and exhausted. Does that really feel good for you? What if you took a few minutes of your lunch break to sit outside and meditate or simply do some relaxing deep breathing? Or if you are home all day with your kids why not take 10 here and there to just sit in your most comfortable chair and listen to some relaxing music?

The first step is to identify what works best for YOU in terms of a recharge. Think along the lines of how you can best rest your body for a few minutes, how you can quiet your mind for a brief period of time and what you can put into your spirit that will bring you some moments of love and joy. The fact is that we work better when we take the time to do this for ourselves because we can regroup, call our energy back into ourselves instead of spreading it too thin for the sake of other people. Just like you go get gas in your car when it's on E without a thought about it being the next logical step so should the importance be on knowing what fills you up to make you run better. Start by making your list of 5 things that help you to feel recharged and then commit to recognizing the importance of making the time to do them. And have an amazing day!

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