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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pay Attention To What Shows Up In Your Life

So there seems to be a cat family of sorts that hangs around my street. I don't know where they come from, they don't have collars and they didn't used to be around. But in the last 6 months or so these cats can be spotted walking around in mine and my neighbors' backyards. Now I am not a cat person. I am definitely an animal lover but for some reason I just don't get cats and have never been a fan of them. And after I spotted one perusing my yard the other day I thought "figures, not a cat person and what do I have running around in my yard all the time?." And then I literally laughed out loud.

Of course the things that bother me are going to show up in my life! The fact that something I do not like shows up almost daily in my personal space is definitely a message for me. It's a chance for me to practice tolerance, acceptance and even love. Doesn't mean that all of a sudden today I am a cat lover. But as I reflect on what shows up in my life, on areas where I feel resistance come up, I see that I am given opportunities to practice the qualities that I consider to be for my highest good. I can be tolerant of all living creatures and their right to roam the earth. I can accept that I don't have to like something as much as I like other things but that the things I like the least don't need to cause resentment in me. And I can practice love of life and the fact that I prefer to operate from a place of love, not hate or even dislike.

To sit in the space of resenting those cats in my yard and getting angry or even just annoyed about it because I don't like cats only leaves me with negative emotions in my body.  But what serves my being the most? Practicing love and acceptance and tolerance. It doesn't matter one bit to those cats how I feel about them! But it DOES matter to me what I fill my spirit with. And that in the allowing of those cats to be, I was giving an opportunity to myself to get rid of negativity and practice the qualities that leave me being the happiest me.

So I ask you, what is showing up in your life that you are feeling resentment about? Could there be a lesson in there for you? Are there areas of resistance in your life that may be placed there for a reason? What emotional choices can you make in these areas that serve to make you feel the best? You may be surprised at what you find! Have a wonderful day and walk the path of least resistance!

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