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Friday, July 12, 2013

How Is Your Personal Operating System Running?

I have been having a very challenging week when it has come to my computer. Some days I couldn't upload things to email, some days I couldn't get on my Facebook business page and many days this week I was unable to log in to my business email. Mercury retrograde? Perhaps. But as I spent alot of time this week uninstalling programs that I don't use and clearing my cache and cookies and uninstalling and reinstalling browsers it all got me to thinking. How much are we like our computers when it comes to running freely and clearly at our top capacity?

First I started questioning myself on what makes me run the best. Things like exercise and meditation and a good night's sleep came immediately to mind. And then doing activities that make me happy popped up along with spending time with people who brighten my spirit. What about you? What things make your operating system perform at its optimal level? I thought about the foods I put in my body and how they make me feel and what enables my body to perform at its physical best. What food are you aware of that can slow you down or leave you performing at less than par?

I thought about what clearing the cookies from my personal operating systems might look like. It made me think about re examining the way I do things, the people I have in my life, the ways I choose to spend my time. I started wondering if I could "uninstall" any of those things that don't work that well for me in order to keep my being running free and clear. And that if I made changes in any of those areas how that would equate to re installing my "browser" so those changes might help me to view life and my time in different, new and better ways.

I thought about running a "virus" scan by way of a mental full body scan. Examining any stressors or limiting beliefs that I may be holding on to and then getting rid of them. I thought about how I could release any of that stuff by doing things that bring me joy and taking time to meditate and quiet my mind and clear my energy. We so often know that we're feeling stressed or off but feel like we're too busy to do anything about it. And like our computers we don't run at our most optimum level. We let things into our beings like computer viruses that cause us to not run well and sometimes crash. So I think it's worth examining what systems we know how to employ within our selves that can remedy things that can hold us back so that we "run" as freely and clearly as we possibly can.

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