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Friday, August 2, 2013

Things Come in Their Right Time

It's funny, I was thinking the other day about the backyard BBQing I have been doing this summer. Such fun,...a ton of work. But it made me remember a couple of years ago when I started taking care of my yard myself, mowing and edging and cleaning and watering, and how after the first time I did all that I couldn't wait to have people over, it all looked so nice. I remember subsequently thinking that I was doing all this work and had no one coming over to hang out and BBQ in the backyard. And I felt annoyed about that, like I had no one to share all of my hard work with or enjoy the great setting I had created. But looking back now I realize that really at that time I wasn't in a place to do that kind of entertaining on my own. I don't think I had the energy for it really. And it occurred to me that now that I do, I am getting what I wanted. I have had the pleasure of hosting for my friends and creating a great atmosphere for summer fun. What I had wanted did in fact come to me, but it came to me at a time when I was ready for it.

And I thought that really when we allow that things that we want will eventually come into our experience, they seem to come in when the time is right. Mastin Kipp, founder of the Daily Love (and my favorite daily reading for those of you that haven't heard me say that yet) once wrote a blog post about this saying that a delay is not a denial. And I remember reading that for the first time and it hit me like a ton of bricks. In a good way. Happy, pretty bricks! :) But the truth of that statement and all of the possibility it held created such expansion within me and it was truly an amazing awareness.

And as I have come to realize that when we need reminders of some of these wonderful lessons, they come. In many shapes, forms and sizes, but they come and we can learn from them if our eyes are opened to them. They came by way of me realizing I got something I wanted when I was ready for it. And it got me thinking about how I need to keep that always in my awareness. That things don't always come to us on "our" time. When that happens we tend to give up on the things that we want, and when we do that our back is then turned away from those things and we miss them when they show up.

So my task to you is to think about something you want. And then see if you can let go of your timeline for it. See if you can let go of the "need" for it to come exactly when, where or how you think it should. Explore what it feels like to let yourself trust that what you want is coming and be OK with whenever or however it comes. Sometimes we are just not ready for the things we think we want. Sometimes there are more lessons to learn, more growing to do, more expansion for us to experience so that we are in the best possible place to receive it. And there is beauty in all of that learning. Because truly enjoying your journey, trusting that what you want and need will come to you in the form of what is best for your highest good, lets you open up to so much possibility. So let go and allow!

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