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Friday, August 30, 2013

Celebrate the Summer

Wow it's Labor Day weekend already, hard to believe! I love summer. I love connecting with summer energy. And as it comes to a close rather than be sad to see it go I did a little exercise that I would like to suggest doing. It seems that we have been almost trained if you will to focus on what's wrong in our lives, on the things that DIDN'T happen. But that doesn't make for feeling very good. And in the celebration of my favorite season I wanted to remember all of the things that DID happen this summer so I created a list. And I just simply wrote down all of the fun, fulfilling, socially connective things I did this summer. And now I have a concrete list of things that make me feel good.

So I would like to suggest that you take a few moments before the weekend is out and write down all the fun things you did this summer. Make a list of the people you love and care about and who lift you up that you got to spend time with this summer. Did you go to concerts or barbecues or events that lit you up and created fond memories? Write them down! Did you get to things this summer that made you feel accomplished? Be sure to include those. Did you overcome any obstacles you felt good about? Add them! Were you a part of others' celebratory events? They count too. Whatever you did this summer that will make you feel good when you look back on it make those things a part of your list. And then connect with all that felt good about this summer.

This exercise is a form of celebration. It's a way to honor those things in our lives that fill up our spirit. It's a tangible tool to remind us of the good days, of the fun times, of the growth and expansion that has taken place in our lives over this season. And when you read the list and smile and feel good and connect with your inner happiness, that is celebrating! You can celebrate any season, any time period in your life. Celebrating is good, it helps to create more of what makes you feel alive. And by celebrating I am referring to honoring what works for us in our lives.

So how do you honor those things?  When you look at all of the things you have done and accomplished, no matter how big or small they may seem, what do you do to celebrate? Some people may say they don't do anything at all. And that is OK. Perhaps this is something that was never impressed upon you or that seemed to be an egotistical thing to do. But I am not talking about ego. I am talking about what this simple exercise above can do to connect you to what feels right and good in your life. And I am asking you to give yourself permission to celebrate those things.

Writing them down and then reading them over with a lightness in your heart is celebrating. So what else can you do to celebrate the good things in your life besides remember them often? You can share things with your friends and family so they can be part of your happiness with you. Or treat yourself to something you've been wanting. You can allow yourself some extra "you time." You can visit my Facebook page every Wednesday and share what you are celebrating. Another great list to start is to jot down ways you can celebrate. And then do so! Connect with what is right in your life as often as possible, make that a habit. Then watch as the other things fall away. Do something to celebrate you this weekend and have a wonderful close to summer!

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