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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let Go and Let God

This theme keeps popping up for me over and over this week, on many different levels. I think it's such a powerful and amazing statement and may be one that people don't really get the full gravity of at first. I remember the first time I was told by someone I used to work with that when things got really bad or just too much for him that he put it in God's hands. I thought I got it then but I really didn't. Not until I put that into full practice after I got separated. And the bottom had truly fallen out. And I did not know what to do. I gave it to God. So many times and in many situations we want to try and control what is happening in our lives. We feel that is  how we can keep on track and stay in the driver's seat, as long as we are in control of everything. But what I failed to realize for a long time was that trying to control leaves us with expectations of how things should turn out. And when they don't turn out that way it sends us into a tailspin. Left with an even bigger need to stay in control. I find the whole thing to actually produce an downward spiral.
I am doing a show that opens on Friday. We have rehearsed this show for about 16 weeks, alot of time spent and yet in my opinion the show is not really ready to go up. But it's going to. Because there are tickets sold, and posters up and the scheduled date to open is May 18. So no matter what shape the show is in, it will be preformed for an audience in 2 days. I realized I had 2 choices, to expect things to go a certain way and if they don't I would become nervous or upset or I could let it all go into the universe and let it all be what it will be. And in the meantime to just have fun and find the joy in it, that is after all why I have put so much time into it!
Letting go serves us well  in all areas of life. And consequently in death. The hardest part of life. When we are faced with illness and tragedy of those we love and are rendered completely helpless I find there is really only 1 choice, to let go and let God.
What areas of your life can you apply this practice to and let go of the need to control?

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