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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So again I find myself overdue on getting a blog done. I guess it's easy to get caught up in the things we end up spending so much time on that are not really the places that fuel our passions, desires and purposes. I usually don't just sit down and say "OK what will I write about today." Usually something hits me (from the Divine!!??) or as a lesson I am to learn becomes clearer to me and I will be compelled to write. I actually really enjoy writing and I am sure would benefit from doing it more, even if it were solely for my benefit of purging stuff floating around inside. Which brings me to my topic. Thoughts. Those pesky little things that we sometimes feel the need to let take hold of us over, and over and over. Those things we try to tame and let go when we sit down to meditate. And most likely never taking the time to realize, as we fight and struggle so constantly with them, that they are in fact just thoughts.
My thoughts aren't yours, or the way you feel, or the way you see the world, or my son's or my mom's or even necessarily the way the world is My point is that my thoughts are not necessarily reality. The fact that I can feel one way about something one day and then feel something else another day (which in turns changes my thoughts about it) does not mean that the thing I am thinking about has in fact changed at all. They are just  my thoughts.
I read something on the internet the other day (OK you got me, of course it was Facebook) that said "our pain is just thoughts." And I thought how true. I don't think they were referring to physical pain. And that reminded me of a line in a Chris Cornell song my brother turned me on to years ago "our pain is self chosen". If I choose to rest my thoughts on pain and negativity then so I shall be. If I choose to rest my thoughts on happiness and positivity and productivity then so be that. Thoughts are just thoughts.
Have a blessed day!

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