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Friday, April 11, 2014

Time Has More Possibility Than We Let Ourselves Realize

I was listening to an interview the other day that really got me thinking. The person being interviewed was asked the wonderfully thought provoking question “where were you 5 years ago and what has changed in your life from then until now?” And as I asked myself that question the answer was more impactful than I had expected. Because when we look at our past it seems we so often keep ourselves tethered to the things we don’t like, that didn’t go right, and it’s these things that hold us back from a bright and hopeful future. But when I looked at my past not in the light of what didn’t work out in the way I wanted but I simply compared where I was 5 years ago to where I am today, it was rather astonishing to me.

So much change has taken place... mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And I don’t think I realized it until I really compared where I was 5 years to where I am and who I am now. And this is a question I want to pose to you as well. It is not for the purpose of beating yourself up or for looking at what didn't go exactly as you had planned. But rather where are you now in the good places, in the positive changes, in the growth aspects? Take a look at all of those things. Think about what is now manifest in your life that was merely a want, hope or a dream 5 years ago. When we can look at things in that light, the wonder at how much can happen in our lives in 5 years to expand us and help us to grow is truly amazing.

Now maybe everyone's lives in a specific 5 year period may not be at very high or extreme levels of change,but it is still well worth examining where the journey has brought you in relation to what has worked for you and is making you most happy now. For me, my life has taken on enormous new form. I went through an unhappy period in my life to getting a divorce to watching my amazing son grow up and being proud of who he is to being able to live my passion at present through my life coaching business. And honestly if you had asked me 5 years ago if I would be in the place I am now, perhaps the happiest and healthiest I have been in my life to date, I would have probably told you you had a touch of the crazy!

And when I really define what this all means, that SO much can happen in our lives, even when we aren't expecting miracles or even merely change for the better, even when things seem almost devoid of hope, that possibility is always truly endless. The excitement over what changed and grown and expanded for me in the past 5 years has me almost giddy with thoughts of where I will be 5 years from now. And here is the best news of it all, God, the Universe, life, your higher power, etc, does not selectively say "well this can happen for Heather and this woman here and then that guy over there but no one else." This life and it's infinite possibility is the same for everyone. So I ask you, where were you 5 years ago and what is different for you today? What excites you most about what you see? Where do you want to expand and grow in your life in the next 5 years? And I truly hope the excitement is catching!!

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